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Having watched a few more of the IMPC Pro development videos on the Retroblog I’m pretty sure the iPad route is the way to go. In particular I think the single button Turbo Duck compressor and Multi-touch note and sample editor will be a great help in reducing the learning curb for the digital music beginner. Multi-touch editing is intuitive and definitely easier to get the head around than trying to remember the dozens of DAW keyboard shortcut combinations. And keeping effects parameters to a minimum, at least initially, keeps the focus on composition and production. The latest video post also takes the complexity out of sample chop, something that normally takes a good while longer to do on the equivalent hardware sampler.

Curriculum wise I’m mulling over the idea of using a guinea pig while developing the course. There’s something about explaining a subject out loud aswell as the resulting unexpected questions and responses that its just not possible to get when putting pen to paper. Depending on how much time I have to work on KDMC over June/July I’ll hopefully have a rough outline of the first module in place for a weekly class, one-on-one starting late September. Location wise for the class itself I’m considering the possibilities of a room outside of Kilkenny city; Callan or Thomastown maybe as there’s plenty of community/art spaces after having popped up the last few years.