Barn Doors

By Posted in - Equipment on October 7th, 2015 0 Comments KDMC Barn Door feat image

I decided to push the class plan back a year or two and focus on the tutorial videos until I have enough awareness and interest raised to warrant renting a space. To that end I’ve built a standing (wheeled) desk for the studio that I’ll be able to shoot the tutorials on and have also picked up a set of continuous studio LED lights (Godox 500’s with brand doors) to make sure nothing is too dark (a problem in this studio due to a north facing dormer window and the amount of grey/black acoustic treatment sucking up the light). I reckon one camera with a medium or 3/4 shot plus another with a birds-eye view of the table top aswell as a laptop screencast should do the trick. I picked up a few handy tips via Eduardo Angel’s excellent video series on They also have a ‘Creating Video training’ course that i’ll definitely take a look at.

I still have’nt had much chance to work on the course chapters/structure yet but my plan was to start scheduling in hours to work on KDMC related stuff each week starting next January. On an industry related note I was mightily impressed to see the feature set of Novations new Cicuit stand-alone production toolbox. No sampling capabilities that I can see but its great that it works with and without a laptop/PC – makes the music making process extremely accessible.