One size fits most

By Posted in - Equipment & Syllabus on February 21st, 2015 0 Comments KDMC-blog-post-feat-image-one-size-fits-most

I’ve unfortunately had very little time to work on KDMC related material the last few months but I did whittle down the hardware requirements list somewhat. There’s still no sign of Native Kontrol support for the APC40 mk2 but running thru the PXT series videos I realized that Stray(the developer behing Native Kontrol) does include much of the same additional functionality for Ableton’s Push controller – namely the ability to chop up and play sections of a clip on the fly, a feature I think can really help a beginner see the arrangement potential of a single loop. It also has the added benefit of providing a means of improv for the live performer. Recently Novation announced its Lauchpad Pro which again has a similar feature set to Push so there should be enough fall-back options available when I do finally kick off the course.

That said I’m abit nervous about building the curriculum solely on the one set of MIDI presets (from the one developer). Where possible I’ll try to use the default controller settings or possibly even customize something myself. Elsewhere’s I’ve drawn up plans for the portable rig desk (an equipment stand I can shoot the video tutorials on). Location wise I may try to find a brighter/more spacious spot as I’d like to get a few camera angles going aswell as the screenshot.