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While working my way thru David Byrne’s excellent How Music works I was reminded how much technology effects how we make and perform music. The author mentions how the use of vibrato, for the most part, is a modern invention. Before the twentieth century it was frowned upon as poor technique but once recording technology started arriving on the scene it became an acceptable method for quieter instruments to compete dynamically when recording within an orchestra or band. Its strange to think the operatic warbles which we are so familiar with are a contemporary addition and not atall how the original pieces were written to be performed. He also goes on to discuss the benefits of mix-tapes: how, counter to the stance taken by record labels at the time, the spreading/sharing of mix-tapes was actually a great way of promoting new music. Definitely worth a gander.

I came across Korg new additions to their hardware line-up last week, in particular the new Volca line sampler. Props to Korg for keeping the hardware flame alive, the recordable automation/motion sequencer is a great idea. Looking at the promo video and spec sheet its about as hands on and intuitive as you can get. Its a pity about the limited sample import functions thou. There’s no promo video for the Volca’s older brother yet but the feature set is damndably impressive.